After you have been to your pregnancy scan at the clinic and everything hopefully looks normal, you must contact your GP in week 8-9 in order to have a pregnancy chart, a double test and a referral made for a nuchal translucency scan. Make an appointment well in advance with your GP as there might be some waiting time.

Double test and nuchal translucency scan

These tests are not made here at the clinic. The double test is a blood sample collected by your GP after week 8, and the nuchal translucency scan is an ultrasound scan made between gestation week 11 and 14 at the hospital where you are planned to give birth. Together, these two tests are made to assess the risk of your child suffering from Down’s syndrome. The nuchal translucency scan is followed by the calculation of a risk figure. If this figure is lower than 1:300 (eg 1:1200) this means a low risk. If the figure is higher than 1:300 (eg 1:250) you will be offered a chorionic villus biopsy or an amniotic fluid analysis, but it is still very probable that the child is healthy.

After completed infertility treatment irrespective of type of treatment

When you have completed infertility treatment, we would like to be informed about the course of the pregnancy and birth. In connection with the pregnancy scan here at the clinic, you were given a birth reporting form, which you are kindly requested to complete and send to us. If you have lost the form, it can be downloaded by clicking here.

This information is very important to us as we are required to report it to the National Board of Health, and we need it to record and document our results.

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